Before, during and after the Brussels attack (Part 2)

During the attack - 22nd March 2016

The day that all the Belgians feared finally arrived. Around 9am on March 22, 3 coordinated nail bombings occurred in Brussels. two happened at Brussels Airport and one at Maalbeek metro station. In these attacks, 32 victims and more than 300 people were injured. Below are some pictures made 3 hours after the attack at Maalbeek.

Three hours after the terrorist attack at the Maalbeek metro station , the international press settled in front of the European Commission, 200 meters away from the bombing.

A large security area have been established just after the attack, blocking the main arteries of the city, such as Rue de la Loi and Rue Beliard.

A construction site near Maalbeek beeing shuted down by the police in order to establish the security area.

Policemen open the way for an ambulance to access the Maalbeek station, few dozen meters away.

Still shocked by what just happened, this survivor from the Maalbeek attack is being interviewed by different medias near the location of the tragedy.

Police agent blocking the entrance at the European Institutions, only journalists and European officials had access.

During the events, some people already wanted to show their support to the ones involved in this disaster. "they attack with bombs we reply with smiles".

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