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SKAFF Photography

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Founded in 2010 by Aurélien Ernst, SKAFF is a private label specialised in street photography and street portraits. After travelling to more than 30 countries, Aurélien decided that it was time to present all of his work. Most importantly, he wishes to share his work with people who are interested in the beauty or sadness of daily life.


What about

Every picture on this website can be purchased. Just choose your favorite picture in the Portfolio, indicate the desired format and type of support (paper or dibond) and fill in the Form on the page Prints  to order.


Your order can be sent all around Europe within few days. You will receive your favorite, signed picture, with a certificate of authenticity.

Aurélien Ernst - SKAFF Photography

"Transforming concrete

Aurélien Ernst

into marble, that's my


Photo by Aurélien Ernst made in Cuba
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